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To know the result of 2020 SSLC exam tomorrow

SSLC Result On Tuesday, June 30, the 'Kite' system was set up to know the SSLC results through a special cloud-based portal www.result.kite.kerala.gov.in and the mobile app 'Safalam 2020'.  In addition to the individual result, a complete overview of the school-education district-revenue district-level result review, thematic reviews, various reports and graphics can be obtained without logging in to the portal and mobile app via the link 'Result Analysis'.

 You can download the app from Google Play Store by entering "Saphalam 2020".  Downloading the mobile app in advance will help you to avoid last minute data traffic and get results easily.

 Kite Broadband Internet has been provided to 11769 schools from primary level onwards as part of high-tech projects.  In the context of Kovid 19, Kite CEO K Krishnan said that in order to make the results easier for the students, the system has been set up to provide the results of the respective schools in the 'complete' logins of the schools.  Anwar Sadat informed.