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bSafe App

bSafe puts your safety in your hands. Set up your social safety network now!

bSafe is the most advanced and reliable personal safety app that allow you to create your own security network and take care of each other.

Be a guardian to others:

Receive SOS alarms when your loved ones are in trouble
View friend’s location on the map when they need you to walk them safely home

Get help yourself:

Send SOS signal to your guardians by pressing a button or saying a key phrase
Stream and automatically record emergency video
Ask friends to follow you on the map when you feel insecure
Tell where to pick you up by sending your exact location
Get an excuse to leave an unpleasant companion by receiving a fake phone call

Changes in subscriptions
bSafe Guardian: help others when they need it. You can be a lookout for your friends and family. This plan is free.
bSafe Premium: get help from people you trust. Get all the features that allow to reach out to your security network. This plan is available via weekly or yearly subscription or a one-time purchase that unlocks it for 24 hours.
Current users of the free basic plan will be transferred to bSafe Guardian.
There will be no changes to current bSafe Premium users