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Transparent widget app

A simple transparent widget to keep an empty page on the home screen.

Just a simple transparent widget to keep an empty page on your home screen and enjoy your background.

• Show a white frame styled as the system navigation bar, or make the widget completely invisible.
• Launch an app of your choice touching the widget.
• Resize it as you want.
• Ultra-light battery usage.
• Compatible with any Android 4.1 or higher smartphone or tablet.

Feel free to ask for new features by email.

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Blank Icon is a 100% transparent app icon with blank widgets. Download today!
Blank Icon is a completely transparent app icon for homescreen customization and testing purposes. Blank Icon also includes Blank Widgets that can be used to customize the homescreen.
**New** Blank Icon now comes with a blank icon pack! Use our transparent icon pack to make all your app icons transparent. The clear icon pack works with most launchers and themes.
Check out these amazing features!
Amazing Features:
✓ Most blank and transparent app in the app store
✓ Invisible app icon, widget, and icon pack
✓ Blank Widgets help customize homescreen
✓ Use blank icons as placeholders to add additional screens to your launcher
✓ Prevent newly installed apps from messing up your app layout
✓ Instantly make all your icons transparent by applying our transparent icon pack
✓ Generate a transparent PNG file you can use to hide app icons (supported launchers only)
✓ Prank your friends by placing invisible widgets on their homescreen
NOTE: The new Adaptive Icons introduced in Android Oreo makes the app icon white and not transparent. The only way to create a blank icon placeholder is to use Blank Widgets. (applies to Android 8.0+ and Samsung users)
NOTE: Blank Icon does not hide apps. Blank Icon can only hide app icons if your phone's launcher supports setting transparent PNG images as app icons.