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Free Mobile Tracking App

Good news to android mobile users.
Good news to stolen or lost android mobile users, as we have a lot of mobile apps where we can track our stolen or lost android mobile, however, this is an advanced technology app and features like:
1) Sim notification: When the new SIM card is inserted in the mobile, the mobile tracker app automatically send SMS to the registered mobile number.
2) Phone status: Network operator details, software version, IMEI number, subscriber id, sim serial number, name of the sim operator.
3) Password recovery: You can recover your password by entering an email.
4) Current location of your mobile: You can easily track your mobile's exact location like H.No & Street number, City name, State name, Country name, Postal code, locality
5) Location tracker: You can also track your mobile current location of mobile with the full address is shown.
6) Mobile Tracker Web: You can also find your mobile's IMEI number, Android OS version, mobile model number and device name from our website at www.mobiletrendzy.com with registered email ID and pet name to lodge a complaint if you have lost your mobile.
7) Un-install setup: No one can uninstall the app without user permission.
8) Mobile current location: Share your mobile current location through social network sites like Facebook, what's up, twitter, gmail, yahoo email, etc...
9) Mobile Location Tracker from the web: Now you can also track your mobile phone current location from  www.mobiletrendzy.com website by doing a few settings on mobile tracker app.
Step: Login into mobile tracker app
Step: Then click on "Location tracker on the web"
Step: Select "ON" option
10) Lock My Phone: Remotely lock your phone from the website by doing some setups in the app.
11) Locate My Phone: Remotely find your phone location from the website by doing some setups in the app.
12) Ring My Phone: Remotely ring your phone from the website when it is in silent mode.
13) Wipe My Phone: Remotely wipe your phone data from the website.
14) IMEI Tracker: You can also  track your phone current location with IMEI Number.
15) Remote access: You can also access the mobiletrendzy website from the app with login credentials.
16) Number Look Up: Wondering who called you? Look no further. Number Look Up is worlds best phone lookup for Mobile Phone, Landlines, Special Services (e.g. Police), Toll-Free Numbers (e.g. hotels), Premium Rate Numbers (e.g. paid hotlines), Satellite. Find out why millions of people use Number Look Up to find out who called them.
17) Share: Now you can able to share phone number look up details with friends and family members.
One of the best mobile tracker app in google play store.
Additional privacy policies added:
1)Mobile tracker app uses permission to active and deactivates device administrator for un-install setup feature in the app. This app won't use device administrator permission for any other purpose.
2) Mobile tracker app uses permission to access the course and fine location, which allows an app to access approximate and precise location, to display location in Google map. This App won’t use the location information for any other purpose.