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Power Notifier App

This app notifies a connection and a disconnection of a power supply by sounds.

This simple application notifies you a connection and a disconnection of a power supply by sounds. You can select sounds for AC power connected, USB port connected, and a power disconnected, respectively. The sounds can be selected from preset sounds of the device.

No LED notification. No vibration.

Thanks to Abu Iyad for Arabic translation in the app.

Changed the method to play sound.

* Google Play forced to us to add the privacy policy, and to support the latest OS. Because we were using a very old, obsoleted API (sound only notification), we also had to use sound player.
However we found it is not working in some environment, therefore we are using again notification in this version. 
The app cancels the notification immediately, but no icon/title notification will be shown in a short period.
We appreciate your understanding.

Power Alarm - anti theft - unplug power and alarm sounds

Power Alarm is a anti-theft application. It provides a special level of security when charging your phone in public places (airport, hospital, office, etc.). When the alarm is activated, and your device is charging (cable connected or wireless), if it is unplugged, the app will vibrate, flash the screen and sound an alarm.

The app can also be used to notify you of a power outage. You would need to be within hearing distance for this to be useful or, enabling the SMS/Email feature of the app, it will send a text message and/or email when power is disconnected and connected. This could be useful at remote locations or related to the status of a breathing or other medical device.

The app can also be used to notify you (short sound) that the device has become fully charged.

For added security, please set a PIN in the settings.

Power Alarm has two alarm states:
Enabled (red) - removal of power sounds the alarm.
Disabled (green) - removal of power does not sound the alarm.

Power Alarm has two battery charge notification states:
Enabled (red) - when fully charged, a short sound is produced.
Disabled (green) - when fully charged, no notification is produced.

The Power Alarm app does not have to be running for the alarm to sound. The alarm will sound even if the Android device is sleeping (screen is off). While sleeping, when the alarm is tripped (power removed), the device will wake up and display the unlock screen. Having an unlock password provides an added level of security. 

The app displays power connection state (connected or disconnected). The state displays if the device is connected to a computer (USB), wall outlet (AC) or wireless charging. Many Android devices charge at reduced rate if connected to a USB source and at a faster rate when connected to AC (wall plug).

When the alarm is tripped, the Power Alarm app is shown automatically (after unlock) and displays the 'Silence' button. If you have set a password (in the settings), it must be entered correctly for the alarm to silence. While the alarm is sounding, the device's sound volume is set at max and cannot be lowered or muted. When the alarm ends, the original volume is restored. 

While the alarm is sounding, reconnecting power stops the alarm (most likely action by a thief after unsuccessfully trying to lower the volume). The alarm can be enabled while power is not connected and the alarm will not sound (until power is connected and then disconnected). The alarm's enabled state is maintained even if the device is powered off (and rebooted). After reboot, if the alarm was previously activated and power is not connected, the alarm will sound. Note: some phones and versions of Android do not automatically sound the alarm unless power is connected and then disconnected after reboot.

The alarm can optionally (highly suggested) have a PIN set so silencing the alarm requires the entry of the password. This PIN is in addition to the wake up unlock password if present. 

The alarm has a sound start delay setting where after the phone vibrates the alarm does not sound for the specified delay setting. If you forgot that the alarm is enabled, this enables you to re-connect power and stop the alarm from sounding. 

The alarm has a duration setting after which the alarm ends without any other action. Other than the sound nuisance, stopping the alarm saves from the battery being drained. 

There are 4 alarm sounds:
Voice (a human voice saying "Power Alarm" repetitively)
Siren 1
Siren 2
None (no sound)
The alarm always vibrates the device. 

When the alarm is active, an indicator is displayed in the notification at the top of the screen. You will find this feature helpful to remind you that the alarm is active and not trip the alarm yourself.

You can adjust the percent battery charge that triggers the charge complete notification. Note that many phones do not charge to 100%.

See the Power Alarm SMS version of the app to enable sending text an emails.