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Touchscreen touch counter App

Let's count how much your touch number to the screen is every day.
Count the number of multi touch supported by your phone or tablet's touchscreen
Wondering how many simultaneous multiple touches are supported by your device's touchscreen ?
Want to know what type of multiple touch phone you are using ?
Touchscreen touch counter is an easy to use and elegant app that allows you to count the number of simultaneous multiple touch supported on your device.
Features of Touchscreen touch counter
-> Elegant, fullscreen ,black UI for minimal battery usage. Extremely light weight apk .
-> Colored bubbles to indicate multiple touch.
-> Detailed information about your touchscreen.
If you feel that your touchscreen is not responding accurately, try calibration it using the below app
Do you know how much your touch number to the smartphone / tablet is every day?
This app can count the your touch number every day.
Touch Measurement Method
It is counted at the moment you touch to the screen.
If you touch with two or more fingers, it is counted only the first touch.
Click of the mouse is counted.
Support Tool
Please install the "Support Tool" to aggregate the count of each app.