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Spirit Level App

Spirit Level. Free. No Ads. No Permissions. Great Graphics. Enjoy.

Level tool, Bubble level or Level for professional floor levelling, measuring

This levelling tool is professional spirit level, bubble level using to levelling surface. After correct calibration, you can go ahead and use this level tool instead of a real level. This bubble level is also a great tilt meter, angle meter professionally known as an inclinometer. Any spirit level or levelling tool needs calibration due to the production defects or just because of a protruding camera in mobile devices.
Upgrade level tool to PRO version on whole day by watching add or forever by purchase. After upgrade to PRO, you have access to level calibration guide and to the clipboard that storing spirit level results.

After correct calibration, you can use this level tool to floor levelling or levelling any surface. You can use side levels to vertical levelling or vertical angle measurement.
Spirit level is also known as level, bubble level, level tool, tilt meter, angle meter, inclinometer, level, waterpas, protractor, floor measurer, nivel. This professional tool can be really handy in your home and work levelling.

Spirit Level.  No Permissions Required.  Free & No Ads. 

• Bulls eye level with roll & pitch gauges screen
• Horizontal and vertical bubble level and angle gauge screen.
• Calibration feature to correct for accelerometer misalignment & different axis sensitivities.

For best results touch CAL and calibrate first.   The Spirit Level is only as good as your accelerometer.  For indication only.  Don't damage your tablet or phone, use a real spirit level when appropriate.

• Pause button to hold the current reading. 
• Zero and reset button to make measuring angles easier.
• Option to auto select screen based on inclination.

That's it.  Enjoy.