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Remove unwanted content from photo,cloth remover background eraser.

Remove unwanted content from photo,cloth remover background eraser.

Unwanted Object Remover-Background Eraser is a object remover, Unwanted object remover from photo/image background eraser, clone stamp, quick repair, background erase, text on photo and sticker and emoji’s on photo free app. Remove unwanted object like logo wire or sticker from photo, clean blemishes from your selfies, remove pimples from pics, copy some part of image from one photo and adjust that part on other image. Object removal is also a complete photo editor by which you can make your image more fancy and beautiful. You can remove objects from Your Photos using the Magical tools of touch-retouch eraser like, object remover tool, Watermark Remover tools, and others to remove unwanted content from photos. Remove unwanted text from photo using object remover. If you want to erase photo, erase only a part of line, Use Segment Remover.
How Unwanted object remover work?
If you have tough time in using of object removal app, don’t worry we will provide you complete help to use our app.
Load image from gallery and mark unwanted object to vanish. With Blemish Remover pimples and skin blemishes can be removed with one touch. Get rid of distractions from photos with object removal tool, use brush or lasso tool to select the object to be removed and press go button.  Remove watermark from photo, date stamp or extra object to create custom quality photo. Write text on photo and save photo. You can share saved photo with your friend through social media.
Key Feature of Magic eraser, object remover:
•Easy to Use object eraser
•Erase image wires and posts, power lines.
•Remove photo bombers.
•Remove pimples and skin blemishes
•Erase surface breaks and scratches.
•By using brush & lasso tool to remove unwanted content
•Undo, Redo if you want.
•Add Text on photo
•Enjoy Quick eraser and Fine Remover Options
•Add depth and richness to your photos
•Eraser to erase clone object
Download our app and enjoy. Thank You!!!!


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