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Receive a fake call from a girlfriend prank

Prank call set a fake incoming call from a girlfriend.

How to use fake call girlfriend - prank:
For quick prank just tap call now.
For more advanced prank schedule a time for incoming call.
Tap character  to choose girlfriend picture.
Tap caller to select picture from gallery and to set name and number to customize the prank.
Tap ringtone to select ringtone from your device folders.
Tap set default ringtone to restore the original ringtone.
To make the prank even better you can add or record voice.

Fake call girlfriend - prank - features:
Schedule when to receive a fake incoming call prank.
Set a voice when answering the call that talk back.
Choose a girlfriend picture from the character gallery.
Change caller id with picture and any number to make the prank better.

Disclaimer: fake call girlfriend does not have a real incoming call feature it is a simulated incoming call for prank.

A free prank caller to simulate fake calls from sexy girls with realistic audio

“Sorry, my girlfriend is calling…”. Let’s play a joke on your friends by simulating a fake call from your imaginary sexy girlfriend and rescue yourself from boring meetings or awkward moments. Sexy Girl Calling Prank is a free fake call app that enables you to set up and schedule a fake call with realistic audio. Not only do you get to choose the time of the call, but you also have the option to specify the fake caller ID, profile picture or even play an actual recorded audio "call" with an easy to follow script.

So, if you are looking for a professional and well-designed girlfriend prank app to play jokes on your family and friends, download Sexy Girl Calling Prank on your phone or tablet, set up the fake call and wait for the moment to come.

Receive tons of fake incoming calls from your imaginary sexy girlfriends

Sexy Girl Calling Prank is a prank caller and fake call simulator app that makes your phone ring at the given time with your desired photo and fake caller ID. Once you pick up the phone an audio will automatically play as if you are really talking to a sexy girl.

The setup process is as easy as picking the girl’s picture (or even upload a picture yourself), specifying the fake caller ID and the time delay. Now, it’s time to let the fun begins.

Is this free fake call and girlfriend prank a really cool idea?

This calling prank app is just for fun and shouldn’t be taken seriously. It can be used to prank friends, your colleagues or even your girlfriend. Be too cautious about the latter ☺

By simulating a fake incoming call from a sexy girl, you can see the reaction of your angry girlfriend, your surprised friends or even your jealous co-workers.

Important Note: This is just a prank caller app and all the calls are fake and simulated. It is for entertainment purposes only by adults and no real phone call actually occurs.

Sexy Girl Calling Prank main features at a glance:

Clean and neat design with a fresh and intuitive interface

Simulate fake calls from hot women and sexy girls

Select the photo of your girlfriend from over 20 different sexy girls

Upload your own pictures

Fake caller ID

5 different call screen templates for different launchers and themes

Automatic audio playback from 7 different languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese and Hindi

The audio script is available on the website to practice the calls

Fun for adults to make jokes on family and friends

Free prank caller app

So, get the Sexy Girl Calling Prank for free, customize your call and wait for your phone to ring. Make sure to act normally and see how others react when you are talking to a sexy girl on the phone. The fake screen call and the playing audio are so real that no one gets suspicious and you can keep using the prank without blowing your cover.

Stay tuned and let us know what you think about this free fake call and girlfriend prank app. Don’t forget to let us know about any bugs, questions, feature requests or any other suggestions.