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Progressbar95 Game

Simple and challenging free to play game. Retro visuals, old icons & buttons

Progressbar95 is a unique nostalgic hyper-casual game. It'll make you smile.
Old windows, buttons and icons on your smartphone or tablet.
You need to fill the progress bar to win. Move your progress bar with one finger to fill it faster. 
It seems simple at first. But it might be harder to master.
Powerful retro time killer. Lovely HDD noises are included :) 

The game is very easy to handle with easy-to-learn controls, familiar visual effects and addictive gameplay.

Progressbar95 Game Features:
- Free to play
- One finger control
- Different obstacles and experience every time
- Endless gameplay
Update KP0044: Improvements and fixes.
Key changes include:
- Provides Progressbar 81 skin
- Provides difficulty levels: Relax,Normal and Hardcore (and a secret Bonus one)
- Provides new items: a null item and a mystery item.
- Provides a tool to set a wallpaper from the game as a wallpaper for your Android device
- Provides some improvements for the ProgressDOS keyboard and a couple of new ProgressDOS commands
- Provides new level elements
- Addresses issue with the level 100

Better than any .io game. Progressbar95 is simple, but addictive. 
Play this amazing new mobile game for free.