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Lock and control volume channels - Media, Ring, Bluetooth, Voice Call and more

Volume Lock
is a simple sound control tool that offers you total volume control. Using this app you will have the opportunity to lock the volume and prevent them from unexpected changes.
Your baby getting smarter and clicks on volume keys -
Parental control
offers password protected access to the app.
Range Control
you can lock minimum and maximum volume.
Have special phone?
Volume Lock detects all volume channels in your phone once you use them - change volume using hardware keys while Volume Lock runs in foreground and see the magic!
Have a question or just want some amazing feature - contact developer team.
It is an application that allows you to adjust the volume

Volume Lock Control - volume locker
Volume control is a very useful app in order to adjust the sound.
There is a separate lock function for each volume, I will prevent unintended sound will change.
Sound Control is able to feel the convenience in the regulation of sound in a simple widget.
You can check directly from the top status bar when using the sound lock function.

Volume control
- Ringtone, Media(Music, video, games and other media), Alarm, Voice Call, Notifications, system

Volume Lock
- can lock each volume streams.
- can lock ringer mode . ( Silent, Vibrate)

Sound Mode ( Change ringermodes )
- Normal, Silent, Vibrate

Change Sound => Setting 
- Device ringtone, Device notifications, Device alarm