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Contact Backup Pdf App

You can backup your contacts to pdf , vcf and text file in an instant !!!

This app is simply made for three tasks-

1. saving contacts to pdf file -
You can print the pdf to create a classic Phonebook. The pdf is well organised and fluently handles multiple contacts.

2. saving contacts to vcf file -
Create a backup of your precious contacts to a vcf file.Opening this file on any android device restores your contacts.This feature  helps if you want to - switch to a new phone and want all your contacts on that phone in an instant.

3. saving contacts to text file -
Nothing special . simply saves contacts to text file.

You can share all three types of files via email, shareit, whatsapp or any other sharing apps.No money ..completely free. Very fast.. saves your time.

Note: this app is for saving names and numbers only.