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Cartoon Video Editing App

This app helps you to record your stories in animated style in your own voice.

You can easily record the video and share socially and with your besties.

You can choose the environments as per your interest and add characters to an environment then record your story in the easiest way.

You can create your own story, add your friends and make a video in cartoonist way with the help of this app.

You can also customize your character as per your story.


- Choose Environment
- Choose & Customize Character
- Add & Change Hair Style and Color
- Add & Change Mustache Style and Color
- Add & Change Beard Style and Color
- Add & Change Top Cloth Style and Color
- Add & Change Pant Style and Color
- Add Assets (Watch, Chain, Hat etc.)
- Change Body Color
- Create Baby or Child Character
- Change Voice Style (Male, Female, Child etc.)
- Add Animation (Dance, Yes, No etc)