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WhatsAd Money Making App

Advertise your business on WhatsApp Status. Make money when you share Ads too.

HOW IT WORKS - Please Read Carefully

WhatsAd is a simple tool/app that helps businesses and individual promote their products and services digitally, on WhatsApp Status and social media.

Simply upload your Ad on the platform, and have dedicated Marketers post it on their:

 * WhatsApp Status (Default)
 * Facebook Timeline
 * Instagram Timeline
 * Twitter Timeline
And any other social media sites.

All Ads are screened to make sure they comply with our standards before they are approved. Check out the T&Cs for more info.

You also make money when you share Ads of others as well.

How to Post an Ad

- Switch your profile to Advertiser
- Tap on create New Ad
- Follow the procedure. Make sure you topup your account first. NOTE: 1 Marketer costs 1000 points (or the equivalent in your currency)
- Once Ad is approved, it’ll be distributed automatically to your chose number of Marketers who will post on WhatsApp Status, and all social media accounts
- Check back after 24 hours to view the analytics on your Ad: location, gender, leads, etc

How to Join an Ad and Make Money

- Switch profile to Marketer
- Browse through Ads on your Home and join. You can join any Ad with any of these descriptions:

1. Opt-in and Share:

NOTE: This option requires you to submit a screenshot before getting paid.

This will add the Ad to your Opt-ins and open a share window. Make sure to select WhatsApp from your options and choose your WhatsApp Status.  You are required to share the Ad on your WhatsApp Status for 20 hours or more. You ONLY get paid when you get a minimum of 50 views on your WhatsApp Status. After getting 50+ views, take a screenshot of the Ad on your WhatsApp Status. Log in to WhatsAd and go your Opt-ins. Upload the screenshot for that particular Ad you joined. Once we confirm the screenshot, you’ll be paid the amount (500 points).

2. Share for free points:

NOTE: NOTE: This option DOES NOT require you to submit a screenshot before getting paid.

With this sharing, you can share the particular Ad to any social media account. You’ll receive free points (between 10 to 100) for each Ad you share this way. Points add up to your WhatsAd account balance hence you can withdraw later on.

NOTE: Ads are not posted by WhatsAd. They are posted by users on the platform especially Advertisers.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings As a Marketer

Once your earnings reach 5000 points, you will see a withdraw funds button on your WhatsAd account balance page. Use this button to request for funds withdrawal. Withdrawals are processed and sent to your preferred payment account within 24 hours to 48 hours.

Got questions? Send us a chat on our website at whatsadmarket.com for quick response. You can also use the "Chat With Us" feature from within the app.