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Turn your screen on and off by simply shaking your phone.

Turn your screen on and off by simply shaking your phone.

Turn your screen on and off by simply shaking your phone.

Avoid breaking your power button. Just shake your phone and lock or unlock it.

IT WILL NOT DRAIN YOUR BATTERY.  On device's up to Android KitKat 4.4, the battery consumption should be minimal. On device's running Android 5+, due to an Android bug, there will be more battery being used, but it still should not be a huge amount. I did all I could to make the app work on Android 5+, and so I rather make it work, even if more battery is necessary to keep it working.

My main focus when I implemented the app was on not draining the battery, and it won't. Let it run for a day and then check the app's battery consumption. It should be minimal (as opposed to other "Shake to turn the screen on and off" and "Shake to Lock and Unlock" apps on Google Play.

This is the FREE version of the app "Shake Screen On Off". On the PRO version, you can do everything you can do on the FREE version, plus:

1 - no ads are displayed.
2 - the user can choose to start the app automatically after the device is turned on.
3 - the app can be set to unlock the screen automatically when the screen is turned back on.
4 - the app can use the proximity sensor to avoid accidentally turning on the screen when the device is on a pocket, for instance.
5 - The device can be set to vibrate every time the screen is turned on or off.

Due to the fact that the app needs admin privileges to run, if you want to uninstall it you must do it by clicking on the uninstall button inside the app. If you try to uninstall the app using the standard Android App Manager, the uninstall button will be disabled. Just remember that to uninstall the app, you must access the app itself.

Unfortunately, on some devices the app will not be able to turn the screen back on (when the user shakes the phone) after the screen is turned off. It's a hardware limitation of these devices, and there is nothing that can be done on the software side to avoid it. For instance, I've tested the app on the 'LG Nexus 4' and it works flawlessly; on the other hand, on the 'Samsung Galaxy Ace' the accelerometer sensors are turned off the moment the screen goes off. If that is the case on your device, please send me an email (there is a button on the app to do it) explaining what is happening on your specific case. The app will add the model and manufacturer of your device to the body of your email (please do not erase this information) and I will remove your device from the list of available devices on Google Play. Thank you very much for your help!

Prevent phone from sleeping - necessary to wake the phone up after it's screen is turned off.
View network connections and full network access - only necessary on the FREE version, to be able to show ads (non-intrusive ads, only displayed when the user open the main screen of the app).
This app uses the Device Administrator permission. In order to be able to lock and unlock the device when you shake it.

shake to lock, shake to unlock, shake to turn screen on, shake to turn screen off, battery economy, save power button, protect power button

Shake phone or Veil your hand on phone and save power button

Shake ON/OFF application allows you to lock your phone  Also it allows you to again your screen ON without pressing Power button.

Application provide three way to lock and screen ON your phone

IMP Note :-
Please keep around  5 second interval between each SHAKE ON and OFF and vice versa

Please remove apps like task killer/ ram booster/memory cleaner etc to run this app really well.

*First Method: Using Hand Shake
First select radio button of "Using  Shake" then select type of Shake

For example
If you want to lock phone using vertical  shake and want to open screen using Horizontal  Shake.You have to select Shake type from application: Vertical OFF Horizontal ON
        And for vice versa select Horizontal OFF Vertical ON

        If you want to lock and unlock screen any type of  Shake then select any type shake

Different devices has different shake sensitivity
change default shake sensitivity according to your choice and make shake hard or easy. it upto you.
you can change sensitivity from 100 to 999 (enough for all devices)

*Second Method: Using Smart Cover
       if you have Pouches or flip type cover for your device which covers your skin of device then this option helpful to you.

       This option allows you to ON/OFF screen by using  phone's cover.If you Off phone's cover,screen will automatically OFF and If you open cover, screen will be automatically ON

For this method proximity sensor required into device otherwise not work this method

*Third Method: Using Hand over

Very simple and Recommended method

Also when your cover  veil your device, Device will automatically locked with screen OFF and when your cover unveil your device
screen will automatically ON

For this method proximity sensor required into device otherwise not work this method

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