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Permission Manager App

Manage your App's permission with Permission Manager.

A very helpful app for all android users for whom personal information and mobile security is the priority. You may not now which permissions are used by your installed apps on your mobile. With this app, you can know all the permissions used by each app installed on your mobile.

The app provides list of all permissions used by each app. Permission allow and disallow can be managed directly from this application.
The app also points out which permissions are safe and which are risky in terms of data protection and security.

App features :
- App wise scan and list out all the permissions used by installed apps on device.
- Permission wise scan and list out all the apps using a particular permission.
- Scan for apps using risky permissions.
- Scan for apps using only safe permissions and no risky permissions.
- Manager allowance and disallowance of any permission in an app directly from this app.