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Weather radar & hurricane tracker: Rain, snow, clouds, wind, temperature & more

This is best weather radar app that helps you to know any weather condition, rain, storm, hurricane tracker ...

- Real time weather maps & weather radar animations with your personal blizzard & hurricane tracker: Rain, snow, clouds, wind, temperature, Humidity, wave, pressure, current.
- Weekly, daily, hourly forecast
- Full report parameters: location time, temperature, atmospheric pressure, weather condition, visibility distance, relative humidity, precipitation in different unites, dew point, wind speed and direction...
- Units: Temperature (C/F), Time format (12h/24h), Precipitation (mm, inch), wind speed (km/h, mi/h, m/s, knot), pressure (inHg, hPa, mbar)
- Detect location by GPS and network
- Search and manage multiple locations
- Supported notification
- Real time update widget
- View detail of daily weather and hourly weather.
- Chart to manage and view hourly and daily weather
- Long range forecast: Today, tomorrow, 3 days later, 7 days later.
- Transparent widgets with a lot of weather widget styles, all sizes supported

Webview content:
Some place in app, we use webview to load content, the data content is provided by Windy, all our implement fit the policy and we are authorized to use this content in the app.

Weather India: Live Weather, Rain Radar, Live Rain, Radar Weather, Weather Map

→ Live Rain wheather: Wheather Forecast Report
→ Data will be provided in form of Satellite Images which are published by IMD department.
→ Indian Weather: Rainfall Radar, Live Weather Information, Weather Maps Animation
→ All information are taken from India Meteorological Department, www.imd.gov.in

☀ Categories you can find maps:
→ INSAT Satellite images
→ Rainfall Half Hourly
→ Rainfall Daily
→ Rainfall Weekly
→ Rainfall Monthly
→ Rainfall Season
→ Visible MAP
→ Rain Estimate MAP
→ Current Rainfall MAP
→ Daily Rainfall MAP
→ Cumulative-District Rainfall MAP
→ Weekly Rainfall MAP
→ Temperature MAP
→ Color Composite MAP
→ Snow MAP
→ Smoke MAP
→ Rainfall Forecast - 1 Day To 7 Day
→ Indian Satellite Weather
→ Live Rain Weather Images

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☀ Note: ☀
→ Some times downloading images may take longer than expected time based on the Internet connection speed and the location.
→ The downloaded weather maps will stored locally and can accessed offline.

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