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Thug life video maker app

Make your own Thuglife videos!

Have you seen those funny videos with gangster music and thug life text? Have you always been wondering how to make one yourself?

Well, with this beautiful and user-friendly app you can make your own 'Thug Life' video in only a matter of minutes:

1. Select an existing OR record a new video
2. Trim the video to the perfect moment
3. Edit the video to your desires
   - Select the desired Thug Life sound OR create your own Thug Life soundtrack
   - Select the desired text chosen from the various Thug Life layers
   - Set up the epic zoom and duration
   - Select from the 40+ Thug Life stickers (glasses, hats, cigarettes and chains) to pimp the moment

Share them instantly with your friends through social apps like Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Youtube, etc...
Result videos have no branding watermark on them (like most apps), also all the stickers and features are free!

-Try to trim your video’s to max. duration of 20 seconds
-Select the lowest quality in the settings if you think that the rendering takes too long
-Scale stickers before you rotate them

Rendering a video on a smartphone is an intensive process and can sometimes be a bit buggy on some older devices, please let us know through the feedback form in the app if you have discovered any problems, so we can work on it ;)

Transform yourself into a true gangster with the help of thug life video maker.

Thug Life Video Maker with Glass, Chain, Cap is here to help you to create Thug life video with the gangster thug look. Easy and simple application to edit your thug life video with a lot of thug life stickers which is available in this thug life animation. Latest sticker added of thugs of hindustan for make thug look like of hindonstan.

Thug Life Video Editor lets you edit your video with Thug Life, Sunglasses, Necklace, Cigarette, Hats, thug life filter, Thug Life gangster Stickers and latest sticker to make thugs of hindustan. Create thug life funny video and share it on your social networking sites, thug life maker will make this task easy for you.

create your own thug life funny video with ease: just select video, Add Thug Life Stickers, select a thug life song and text color and generate your own Thuglife video just in few seconds.

Main Feature:
- The design will be very clean and elegant in Thug Life Video Maker with Glass, Chain, Cap.
- Easy to Zoom in and Zoom out of thug stickers in thug life maker app.
- Edit Man and women both gangster look.
- Add the favorite thug life song on your video.
- Write texts to your thug life video using different types fonts & colors.
- Best collection of thug text style.
- Save your creative work on your sd card for future use.
- Share your gangster look videos on social networking site like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp in just one tap.

How To Use:
- Select a video from the gallery or take a video from the camera.
- Crop video, Trim video to the perfect moment.
- Select thuglife moment from video to apply thug life effect at that moment.
- Select the desired thug life song which best suits to your video.
- Apply best thug text style into thug life maker app.
- Decorate video with funny Stickers, Sunglasses, Chain, Cigarette, Hats.
- Save the gangster look video on your device.
- Share your dashing look thug video on your social networking sites like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram just in one click.

Download this Thug Life Video Maker with Glass, Chain, Cap today and start creating awesome gangster videos.