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It is safe to travel to Kerala after the flood.Kerala is back to action after the flood in August. All the resorts, roads are open for tourists. ... If you are a solo women traveller,Kerala is a safe place to travel.

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Heavy losses to life, property and crops etc. had been reported. The rainstorm of 16-18, July 1924 was caused by the South-west monsoon that extended to the south of peninsula on 15th July and caused rainfall in Malabar. Under its influence, heavy rainfalloccurred in almost entire Kerala.

The Indian state of Kerala has been devastated by severe floods. ... The monsoon season usually brings heavy rains but this yearKerala has seen 42% more rain than would be expected, with more than 2,300mm of rain across the region since the beginning of June, and over 700mm in August alone.

As sere floods hit India’s Kerala state, satellite maps are supporting the state government’s response. Created by the international water institute and the CIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems, the maps estimate water inundation, allowing decision makers to better coordinate relief efforts. 

Monsoon  rainfall  has  caused  severe  flooding  in  parts  of  the  state  of  Kerala  in  southern  India.  Heavy  rain  that  began around 09 July, 2018, has caused flooding in 13 districts, with a second wave worsening the situation in early August. The death toll is at least 26 and floods are affecting several thousands of residents, farmers and businesses, according to media reports.

Maps are being shared to Kerala State Disaster Management Authority (KSDMA) of the National Disaster Management Authority in Delhi to support their relief and rescue operations. In addition to the maps, researchers can provide an analysis on the extent of crop damage and population exposure to flood rains, information that can be used for flood impact assessment.  downstream districts will increase due to increasing water levels and the release of water in the nearby Idukkui dam.

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