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TTS Text to Speach Converter App

With this app, you can easily convert text to speech

With this app, you can easily convert text to speech (TTS). Just enter the text and the app speaks it for you.

Professional, full featured, Text to speech reader!

TTS Reader allows you to have any text read out to you simply by marking it and copying it to the clipboard or by sharing text or a webpage to the app.

Main features:
✓ Text to voice spoken out loud.
✓ In the text box, see the text highlighted as it is being spoken, you can choose to start reading anywhere you want with the cursor.
✓ Once enabled, a pop-up player bar that appears when you copy text to the clipboard even when app is closed.
✓ Pause and continue later from where you stopped (beginning of the last sentence spoken).
✓ Choose whatever TTS engine and language you want, and switch between them easily.
✓ Customization: Control the speed & pitch of the voice. Set your preferred volume specifically for the app, choose whatever theme color you want for the app.
✓ Export text to WAV audio files and text files. Rename/Delete & Play files from within the app.
✓ Share Audio and text to other apps.

- Text to Speech Synthesize with different settings and languages
- HTTP server mode for a wide range of applications
- Save text for later use
- Output as wav file
- Direct support

NEW! - OCR technology!
So you can copy any text, and have it read to you, great!! but what about text in images, or text on a piece of paper? now PRO users can have the app read everything. The app uses google's new vision API Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology [which currently only reads Latin character text (e.g. English, Spanish, German, French, etc.)] to accomplish this. Best results are obtained with images (since bad camera focus & shaky hands don't play a part), cropping the image will make sure you only get the text you want without any background "Junk".

NEW! - Voice Notifications
So you are driving and someone is calling you, you can't look at the screen, so who is it? you just got a notification, maybe it's something important but your hands are full and you cant pick up the phone? now all of your problems are solved with TTS Reader!

✓ Incoming phone calls: Know who is calling without looking at your phone.
✓ Text Messages / SMS: Reads out sender name and optionally the text message content.
✓ Time: Get time announcements.
✓ Music: Know which song you're currently playing.
✓ Battery: Get low battery warnings, and battery full message.
✓ Apps: Get app notifications read to you without looking at the screen.

NOTE! You must have a Text to Speech engine installed on your device for the app to work. If you don't have a TTS engine, you can easily find and download one on google play. Some languages will only work with specific engines.