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HTML Viewer App

Open/View any HTML file or URL !

HTML source viewer.

Enter a website address and get the html code + web view of the site...
Load HTML file from in-app file browser.
Load file from your file manager.

You can share (import) website address from other applications and share (export) the html code to another application.

You can find text in the code.

Android Pie Support

Read Html files and saved web pages

HTML reader/ viewer lets you read HTML files stored on your SD cards easily. Test your HTML/ CSS code on the go. Experiment with JavaScript / Jquery code right on your mobile device

- Very Simple to use.
- Forward and backward navigation.
- Enable/ disable JavaScript .
- In-built file explorer and support for third party file managers to pick html files.
- To edit files use any text editor in your phone and see results in HTML Reader.

Unlike other similar apps, we don't ask for your location permission. Choose wisely.

Note: HTML is a markup language for describing web documents (web pages). The style definitions are saved in .css files. With a style sheet file (CSS), you can change the look of a Web site/ page.

View HTML files in local storage and SD cards. Browse urls. Learn javascript.

View local html files and websites. You can learn javascript by injecting javascript in pages. You can open javascript saved in a file, so that you don't have to type it every time. You can use included file manager to create new file, open it in text editor of your choice, enter js, save and then load it in webpages using this app.

You can make a folder of files containing javascript. You can use those files to inject javascript in webpages you created or in any website.