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How to Make Business Card In Smart Phone Visiting Card Maker App

Create professional digital visiting card easy with business card maker.

Ultimate Business Card Maker:
A digital business card maker places your business in the palm of your customer’s hand, Now you can easily create your own digital business card in seconds using a business card maker app.

Make your own customized business card fast and easy with our business card maker app – no design skills needed. Get a professional business or visiting card at your fingertips.

To establish yourself as a professional, your identity is essential. A Visiting/Business Card is a unique marketing strategy used to promote the business in the market. Create your own business card in seconds using beautiful and professional design templates.

Business Card Maker also have the Key feature of Logo Maker, Poster Maker and Flyer Designer & Thumbnail Maker app.

Business Card Maker creates professional digital business card for your business. You can create your business card using Designer or you can create your business card from scratch according to your need.

Business Card Maker is :-
- A simple application which makes your business card in few seconds.
- A mini studio that inspires and enhance your creativity.
- An evaluate vision for your brand.

Business Card Maker Features :-
- Create business card easily using designer.
- Create standard and vertical card.
- Built-in sticker collection, backgrounds, colors and other effects.
- Provide multiple elegant fonts.
- Save and Share businesscard Using social Media.

2 type of business cards you can create :-
- Standard Card
- Vertical Card

How it works :- Business Card Maker can be used in two ways -

1. Create Business Card using Designer: (Fast & Easy to use)
- You can further edit your selected business card if you want.
- Save as Design (lets you re-edit) or as Image.
- Share your business card on social media.

2. Create Business Card from Scratch: (Convert own Idea into Card)
- Choose Business Card Style(Standard or Vertical)
- Add Text, Stickers & Background
- Apply color, Opacity, fonts, rotation, 3D effects and other effects.
- Seve as Design (lets you re-edit) or as Image.
- Share your business card on social media.

This app can help you to create a digital business card for your business networks. You can also use them as your digital identity and e-card.

Try this amazing app for free and share your feedback & suggestion with us and let us know how we can further improve.

It's a Powerful Editor to create your own Visiting card or Business card.

Visiting Card Maker
Design Visiting Card or Business Card according to your ideas with free Visiting Card Maker android application. Its completely free and user friendly.
What is a Visiting card??
A Visiting Card is a unique marketing strategy used to promote the business in the market. Visiting Cards are very important in our life because they help to expand business in the market.
We are providing you a fantastic app, that you can easily design your firm's or personal Business cards with the help of an efficient Visiting card maker which have various features in them, making it extremely easy for users to use, design and create attractive looking cards for you.
The Business card generally contains the following: the company's or the giver's name, affiliation, brand logo, and contact information. Today, the smartest option is to obtain card via visiting cards online. So, try Visiting Card Maker by downloading.
Visiting Card Maker has Many beautiful templates bundled in them and customized features let you personalize the text, symbols and various other features in your cards as needed to match your business.
There are many card makers which are unable to create high quality cards but then there are others that are well capable in offering high quality symbols.
How Visiting Card Maker is useful? And How it works?
★ With this Business Card Maker, you can create stylish and beautiful Visiting Card or your business.
★ This Visiting card maker app gives you professional features of visiting card making.
It is the best application for every businessman which makes a Business card in a minute.
★ You can create, save and share your Visiting card on any social media network or by email to your friends, family and business partner.
How to Create Business Card using Visiting Card Maker?
★ You can create custom Visiting card according to your need.
★ Write your Organization Name and set into card.
★ Choose from available cards templates.
★ Create profiles of your business to create Visiting Card.
★ You can also easily edit and delete text at anytime.
★ Customize your text color or card or pick a beautiful background or card base from card background.
★ Add Text ,Set Font style, Set Text color on Card.
★ Decorate your card with different and colorful logos and lines.
★ Also you can make your card beautiful by adding symbols.
★ Can easily adjust what ever you want.

Do not look upon your Visiting card as merely a card carrying your contact details. It plays a critical role in carrying the brand image of your corporation.

Try this Visiting Card Maker, a unique form of marketing app for free and promote your business towards more profit.