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Golden Dates for Aadhaar users; You can earn Rs 30000.

New Aadhaar Card  If you have Aadhaar card you can get up to Rs.  The UIDA has come up with a new competition for that.  UIDA Online is an online competition.

Competition is, in short, a video making.  This golden opportunity is for those who are able to educate people about many things related to Aadhaar as well as make videos that are more attractive.  UIDA has decided to give a prize of up to Rs.

The most creative and conceptual graphical and animation video to be prepared for the competition.  Contestants must submit a video that is 30 seconds to 120 seconds long and the deadline to enter the contest is July 8.  The winner will be notified via email before the 31st August after the competition.  The Aadhaar card is being organized in a bid to increase publicity.

Only Aadhaar card holders can participate in this competition.

To send the video film to UIDAI, follow: 

· Upload the video to YouTube OR Google Drive OR Online File Sharing (e.g. WeTransfer, SendSpace, DropBox, JumpShare, Hightail etc.) 
· Send the video link by email to media.division@uidai.net.in. Video sent via any other medium will not be considered as a valid entry for the contest 

-  Entries should be in MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV, MPEG or MOV video format ONLY. Videos with in full HD or higher resolution (1920×1080 px) will be given preference.
Details to send

UIDAI said all the contestants must positively send in their entries for this contest along with the following details:

1. Aadhaar Number (participant’s)
2. Name as on Aadhaar
3. Contact address
4. Mobile Number
5. A confirmation (ONLY Yes/No. Bank details not required) that their Aadhaar is linked to a bank account. 
6. In case the participant’s Aadhaar is not linked to a bank account, please refer to Point No. ‘h’ in General Terms & 


There are 15 categories for the participants to send in their entries:

1. Download Aadhaar 
2. Check Aadhaar generation/ update status 
3. Locate Aadhaar Kendra 
4. Update Address Online 
5. Request for Address Validation Letter 
6. Check online address update status 
7. Aadhaar Update History 
8. Retrieve Lost or Forgotten EID/UID 
9. Order Aadhaar Re-print 
10. Virtual ID (VID) Generator 
11. Lock/Unlock Biometrics 
12. Aadhaar Authentication History 
13. Aadhaar Lock/Unlock 
14. Verify Email/Mobile Number 
15. Verify any Aadhaar online

· The winning entries as decided by UIDAI’s committee will be awarded cash prizes as described below:

· Top 3 videos in each category (15 x 3 = 45 nos.):

1st - Rs. 20,000;  2nd – Rs. 10,000; 3rd – Rs. 5,000 

 Best 3 videos from all the entries (1 x 3 = 3 nos.):
 1st - Rs. 30,000
 2nd – Rs. 20,000
 3rd – Rs. 10,000 

· The Prize money will be sent to the winner’s Aadhaar linked bank account only. Result will be posted on Social Media on or before August 31, 2019.