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Force Stop App One click to stop all running apps and speed up your phone!

One click to stop all running apps and speed up your phone!

Usually our phones run many apps in the background. Sometimes we don't need them running because we hate those annoying notifications. Not only will this APP help you stop them and make your phone faster and more power-efficient!

This APP stops other apps at the process level, so it can kill the task.

The phone runs faster because it stops many useless processes.

Reducing APP runs can also save power.

Stopping the useless apps can also reduce CPU usage and cool it down.

Permissions & Privacy
This app uses Accessibility services. When you use it, you may receive privacy warnings, this is a standard procedure on all Android OS when enabling Accessibility Services.
This app will NOT collect any personal data.

Force-Stop your apps with permanently and quickly. (Task Killer, Ads Free 100%)

--- Introduction ---
This application made for benefit. Source codes will be shared as soon via github. Before you say 'Not working' etc. if you don't know what's 'Root' and risks (guaranty conditions and others), please research and learn it then write comment.

--- General Information ---

With this application, you can force-stop applications permanently. In this way, your device will be less tired processor, provide more usable memory, and increase battery use time. Without this application you can also force-stop with manually by following the path 'Settings -> Applications -> (Application Features) -> Force-Stop'. But this will be take a long time.

It don't needs to auto kill feature. Because when you kill an application, it won't start again anyway (if auto-sync is not working). Even so when all applications killed then it kills itself lastly.

This application not like to other applications. Cause other applications stops to activities on screen, not stops to running background services. If application check for 'is it running, if it's running, close it' for frequently, device will do more effort.

--- Usage ---

You must give root access to this application, otherwise won't run it.

There are 3 options on the initial screen:

1- Show running applications:
You can list the running applications and you can force-stop them.

2- Stop all:
It works when you want to stop running applications to enable the cessation of work, regardless. It is of the following reasons; the system sometimes does not give exactly which applications are running. For example; actually running 10 applications, but system can say 7 applications running, sometimes maybe zero.

3- Go settings:
You can choose which applications you want to force-stop from this page. You need to pay attention to here is as follows;
- For user applications (that you download from the play store) default process is 'force-stop' operation. Check which applications you don't want to force-stop.
- The default operation for system applications is 'don't force-stop'. Check which applications you want to force-stop. Some of the commonly used system applications will automatically selected when you install the application first.
- Using the drop-down menu checked/unchaked applications can filter quickly.

--- Suggestions ---

If you open auto-sync feature on device, applications can be restart automatically. So you can disable auto-sync feature, it's recommended that.

When you disable auto-sync, force-stop unnecessary applications, turn off your internet connection then you can increase your standby time of your device up to 8+ days (this value for LG G2, other models may change).

Can be used instead of Advanced Task Killer, Application Killer and other Kill App.

--- FAQ ---

Q: My phone rooted but still app is not working. What should I do?
A: Because su binary file permissions missed. You should give permission with chmod command. Run this commands and please try again.
(Command1: adb remount)
(Command2: adb shell chmod 06755 /system)
(Command3: adb shell chmod 06755 /system/xbin/su)
(Command4: adb shell chmod 06755 /system/bin/su)