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Crowd city Game app

The real crowd experience!

Become the biggest crowd in town!
Gather people accross the city and crush your opponents with your overwhelming leadership!

Find the people, bite them, create the biggest zombie crowd to capture the city!

Imagine: you are a lonely but good and charismatic person, which runs around the city and looking is for other people who can join him.
When you find another person who has no friends, you quickly convince him to become a member of your group.
The goal of the game is to create in a short time a the largest crowd on the map, the biggest than of all other groups.
Simple Crowd - This game is about bringing people together. To attract a neutral person member in your ranks, you only need to go to him. He only thanks to your talent of persuasion to join you and become the same color as you.
The more people you have and the more you find, the bigger your crowd becomes, but you must always remember about other groups: if the other group is bigger than yours, beware of it, otherwise you will have to start game again .
Do not forget that if an enemy's group is smaller than yours, will be able to do the same with the enemy group.
Play Simple Crowd and become a leader, for which people go and collect more than anyone else. Prove that you are the biggest crowd in the city!