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Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

The app to create Amazon™ Associate scheme affiliate links

AmALfi is the unofficial Amazon™ Associate Program affiliate link creator that generates affiliate links quickly and easily.

In a couple of taps you can create links to product pages, search results or pretty much any page on Amazon's websites.

It's so quick and easy to use - just two (or three) steps:

1. Find the item or page on the Amazon website or in the official Amazon app.

2. In the app tap the 'Share' link or in the your browser either tap the 'Share' link, tap the Android icon in your browser's address bar or select 'Share' from your browser's options menu.

3. If asked what to share with select 'Generate Affiliate Link with AmALfi'.

AmALfi does the rest!

Alternatively you can simply paste an Amazon URL into the app.

(If you have trouble creating links - for example no affiliate link is created when a valid Amazon source URL is entered - then please send us the URL by email and we will investigate the issue. AmALfi has to correctly identify a number of pieces of information in the original URL in order to build the affiliate link and there are many different URL types on Amazon. We are constantly adding new URL types to cover more obscure Amazon URLs)

AmALfi supports all current Amazon Associates regions: USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Australia and UAE.

For Amazon Smile scheme member charities there is an option to preserve the smile prefix in the address to ensure you get your affiliate fees as well.

You can create simple affiliate URLs, amzn to shortened URLs, and in some regions image links (more regions to be added as soon as we confirm the correct servers for the other regions

HTML image links for website use and BB Code image links for use on bulletin boards are currently supported.

You can test links in the internal preview browser, or if you don't yet trust the app you can test in your external browser of choice. (Links can also be manually validated in your Amazon Associates Link Checker tool to confirm that the tracking code is embedded correctly)

Once AmALfi has created your link you can either simply copy the link or share via any app you have installed on your device (be aware of the Amazon Associate scheme limitations on where affiliate links can be shared, for example sharing via email is usually prohibited).

AmALfi requires no special permissions and uses your network connection only to load product image previews, get short link URLs and to test links. It doesn't even need you to log in to your Amazon account!

AmALfi is not endorsed by Amazon and is an unofficial tool created to make associates' lives easier. By installing and using AmALfi you acknowledge that you understand this is not an official Amazon app.

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