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Quick and easy way to convert Malayalam voice/speech/speaking to text

Today smartphones are very important used by people, The phone calls for everything The today, or many messages are sent to Whats app and Facebook, There are a lot of application available today on the Play store therefore, it is very difficult to choose good applications from the Play Store, We introduce you some useful applications to install better applications from your mobile device.

Instead of typing a message, we are told to introduce an voice to typing application.What are the highlights of this application? Let’s see how this application should be installed on your smart phone and how to run the app. With a single touch, you can send a message to Whats App or Messenger, utilities can also share the text to any applications, Another important thing is to convert long sounds.

Usually we need to be research when using other applications, but this is the application it’s easy to understand that all age people can use this application. These applications can be run very quickly even in low memory of smartphone users, Usage of other application may affect the functionality of other smartphones But if you install this app on your mobile device, there will not be such a big problem. All of you have a lot of applications installed on your mobile device, and this application can be very useful if you install this application on your smart phones. Install this app today on your smart phones from the link below, We have given the link to the Android phone below, and the iPhone app has a different application. So let’s all the users of Android phone install this application and enjoy the quality of it.
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