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Online services in kerala

Kerala online Services and Tourism

      175 Tourist places in Kerala with details and Photos.

>Online Services:-
     Online Banking (44 banks) ,
Official web portal  (Government of Kerala), Kerala Public Service Commission, K.S.R.T.C, KSEB, Kerala motor vehicles department, Kochi Metro, State election commission of Kerala,B.S.N.L, Department of Education, Akshaya, Taxes of India, IndiaPost.

>Emergency Numbers:-
         28 Emergency Numbers in Kerala.

       4 Airports and Airindia Online Services.
       59 Railway Stations in Kerala and online Tickets and Enquiry.




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       247 Mosques in Kerala.

       254 Temples in Kerala.

        269 Churches in Kerala.

Kerala online services and tourism app was introduced by the department of tourism in the state guest department of the Travancore state and Hospital Organization of the Cochin State. This app helps the people to have a easy wake up in Kerala the God’s on country. Kerala was selected by the National Geography Traveler as on 50th destinations of the lifetime. This site provides all many details of tourists place in Kerala in your one hand touch.
This is the best great symbol of the technology development in Kerala. Just download the app on your smart phone that may help you to go on your Kerala in easy way in 1 second so just go on with this app Kerala Online services and tourism. It provides you online banking payments and booking. It’s provided 44 bank. Also official wed portal, Kerala Public Service Commissions, Kerala motor vehicle department, K. S. R. T. C, Department of education, Akshaya centers, Indian post, Taxes of India all this are connected to this app by the government for the smooth operation of the public.