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Notch Phone Notch Trick Battery Notch

Make your notch usefull

Battery notch allow to create a border around the notch and show u battery status.
If your device is not supported write here and i'll release new version 

It work with all notch and with all hole!

Ask what u want and i'll add it in the app

Always show a small battery meter on top of screen

Battery Meter Overlay always shows the battery percentage at the top of screen.

With Battery Meter Overlay, You can see if your battery is charged enough to play a game, a movie, or to browse the web.

✓ Shows battery information in percent (%)
✓ Shows battery meter on top of other apps
✓ Support themes for meter colors and backgrounds
✓ Control notification show / hide
✓ Overlap on top of the statusbar
✓ [NEW!] Show meter on the lock screen with notification (Android 8.0 and later)

* PRO FEATURES (Need Pro Key (Unlocker)
✓ No ads
✓ Auto hide on fullscreen
✓ Can adjust meter positiion manually (respect screen oriantation)
✓ Can change meter colors (levels/charging/text/background)
✓ Can adjust meter size (x0.5 ~ x2.0)

If you like this app, Please cosider to buy Pro key.

[Special access permission]
In order to display the battery meter on top of other apps,  confirm the special access of "Draw over other apps" at the first time.

[Restrictions for Android Oreo (8.0) users]
Due to Android OS security improvement, It is not possible to show Batter Meter Overlay on top of the status bar. So Battery Meter is always shown below the status bar.

We plan to add more themes and functions, Please feel free to contact us on the comments or e-mail if you have any requests.

Use your Phone's notch or Cut-out as a battery bar

**If the battery level is not updating, please disable battery optimization in phone settings.

**The overlay is a very unstable feature and will not work on most phones. This is mainly a live wallpaper

Use the notch as a battery bar in your phone with this live wallpaper.

This is a trial app for the actual paid live wallpaper in which you can pick your own image as background.

**Scroll is not supported.