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Learning to recognize, memorize & write the hijaiyah letters easily

Learning to recognize, memorize & write the hijaiyah letters easily

Learning Hijaiyah Easily is one application that will help children recognize, memorize and write the hijaiyah letters also known as the Arabic alphabet.

Some of the features contained in this application are:
1. Introduction hijaiyah letters with interactive methods
2. Introduction hijaiyah letters with automatic repeat method
3. Learn writing hijaiyah letters
4. Games guess hijaiyah letters
5. Games memorize hijaiyah letters

An offline app, just with one download, no longer need an internet connection to play.

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We made this App of basic Arabic words for beginners to learning Arabic

this app include most popular words using in Arabic .
-Numbers: Learn Arabic numbers with translation .
-Vocabulary: The section includes Basic Arabic words of daily use with English translation.
-Common Sentences & Words: The category includes words and common sentences of daily use in Arabic
-Definite Article: This section includes the use of English Definite Articles in Arabic along with examples.

-Prepositions: Learn how prepositions are used in Arabic.
-Interrogative Articles: Basic interrogative article translation from English to Arabic.
-Masculine Feminine: Learn differentiation of genders in Arabic.
-Personal Pronouns: Know about Arabic Words used to associate with personal pronouns.

-Conversations: Section features some basic conversations a person has to daily in Arabic.
We made this big ِApp of basic Arabic words for complete beginners to learning Arabic.

Be sure to learn the essentials like Yes, No, Where, When, Why etc and you will at least be able to understand or participate in a conversation even if you only know these basic Arabic words and phrases.

Download and Rate Learn Arabic now.