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ServEZ is a mobile app which connects users with various services nearby.

In day to day life, we require the service and assistance by others for making our life easy. It could be in the form of a plumber, A/C technician, Car mechanic, Domestic Helper, etc.

If we are building a house, constructing/running an industry, or arranging an event, then arranging these services will be challenging.
We often contact our friend and relatives to get the whereabouts of someone they know. However most of the time, finding the right service provider is not easy.

At the same time, if you are a Service provider, even if you are very skilled or professional or having a very good team for supporting your service business, finding your customers to keep you or your team busy throughout the year is not easy.

Here ServEZ app comes to your help. ServEZ is a free service which connects Customers with their Service Providers.

Customers can register all their needs through the APP. Then ServEZ send this message to all nearby Service providers who are offering the same services. Interested and available providers will then express their interest back to you.
You can then select the right person for your job, based on their rate, availability and reviews.

Once you selected your service provider, you can contact them by phone, whatsapp etc. Then it is all between you and your selected provider. ServEZ is not charging anything from you or your provider for this service.
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