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AppLock: Lock your apps & photos, Catch intruders and Protect your Privacy

🔒AppLock: Lock your apps & photos, Catch intruders and Protect your Privacy.

Applock - Pin & Pattern Lock, one of the useful app locks for your apps, which will protect your privacy with App Lock, Break-in Alert (Intruder selfie), Hide Applocker, and Disguise Lock (AppCover). Applock for your apps combines high-security features and gives your phone protection. It prevents unauthorized access and provides privacy guard, keeps your phone extra secure! Applock, the choice of 10 million users!

Easy-to-Use! Set Pin & Pattern Lock for Your Secret!

Highlight Features:
💎 App Locks - Applocker, password lock, pattern lock supported. Lock apps to let you know the phone security is yours.
💡 Lock Gallery - Applock locks gallery for your private photos and videos. Exclusive pattern lock keeps snoopers outside the gallery.
💡 Break-in Alerts - Prevent intruders who try to unlock your app screen.
💡 Disguise Lock - Fake the unlock screen into an error report.
💡 Hide AppLock Icon - Change app lock icon into the calculator. No one else can find AppLock.
💡 Phone Cleaner - Clean junk files, APK files.

🔒 App Locks - Never worry about others check your secret!
Applock supports app locker with password lock, pattern lock. Providing you with fluent lock experience with privacy protection. Guard your private data to keep your phone and app safer. You don’t have to worry about your kids messing up your phone while playing games.

🔐 Lock apps - Locking your most private/sensitive apps with app locker!
With app lock feature, App lock could lock apps on your phone, such as safe gallery lock, contact, etc. Providing reliable App lock with Multiple Lock Styles and helps you capture intruder who secretly wants to unlock your app without your permission.

📸 Find Out Intruder - Want to find out who tries to snoop on your private apps?
With camera permission, Applock will take a photo of someone unlocking apps with the wrong password. The photo will be shown only to you to catch the curious one! Lock apps can be only unlocked by you.

🔢 Hide AppLock Icon - Never worry about exposing your app locker app!
App Lock supports the ability to change AppLock icon into Calculator icon. Hide applock that prevent strangers from finding your applock app and uninstalling without your permission.
Safety app locker only serves for you!

🎭 Disguise Lock - Never worry about exposing the fact that the app is locked!
With Disguise lock, you can set up a fake screen to prevent intruders from forcing or trying to get into your apps. The intruder will only see a fake message or fake error window, such as “something went wrong”, instead of the actual app. Only you know how to correctly enter the app.

Phone Cleaner - Try this Phone Manager!
Applock also helps remove junk files, residual and APK file. With read/write external storage permissions, AppLock is allowed to scan and delete junk files stored on your SD card.

🎊 Better User Experience - Provide more convenient service!
Applock provides more accurate, localized services with location, coarse location and get accounts permissions, which serves the goal to improve the user experience.

🌟 Applock, the professional app locker gives you privacy protection! Powerful app locker features are waiting for you, try it now! 🌟