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Secret Gallery Locker in torch app

Secret Gallery Locker

Torch Vault - Hide Pictures & Videos

This is a smart and secret gallery vault by Hide behind torch.

Hide your secret photos and videos behind secret gallery locker.


1. Hide photos & Videos.
2. Hide Audios.
3. Create Secret Notes.
4. Uninstall Protection.
5. Fake Passcode for display empty vault.


*This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

1. Device Administrator permission(android.permission.BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN): Use to prevent accidentally uninstall.

2. Use FingerPrint: Use to open vault with your FingerPrint.

3. Read/Write Storage Permission: Use to get Files from storage for hide/unhide.

4. Internet Permission: Use to showing ads.

FlashLight Gallery vault is a Secret Gallery Vault. in this app front end use can see Torch but behind the Torch you can hide your gallery photos and videos. FlashLight Gallery Vault is Gallery locker and lock your secret photos and videos.

FlashLight gallery vault is a unique Gallery vault by its amezing features like First Screen other use can use only as a Torch but you can only know that this is a vault and you can hide your photos and videos behind it.

Everybody will think that this is only Torch app but Only You know that this is a Gallery vault behind the Torch.

The Best Gallery Locker app with Secret Torch and Gallery Vault.

FlashLight Gallery vault also known as Torch Gallery Vault.

Safe and Secure Gallery vault with amezing features:

- Torch + Gallery vault
- Secret Vault
- Hide Images.Videos,Audios,Notes.
- FingerPrint Lock
- Passcode Recovery (Email & Quetions)
- Uninstall Prevention
- Fake Passcode for other user
- Safe and Secure Gallery vault


*This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

•Device Administrator permission(android.permission.BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN): This Permission is use to only prevent to Uninstall this app (No other use).

•Camera: This Permission is use to Turn on/off your LED FlashLight.

•Use FingerPrint: This Permission is use to Unlock vault with your FingerPrint.

•Read/Write Storage Permission: This Permission is use to hide and unhide files to storage.

•Internet Permission: This Permission is use to display Ads in app.


All the Images are used in this app screenshots are get from pexels all the images credits goes to pixelsand Images Authors.