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A mobile app for Government of India's DigiLocker application.

A mobile app for Government of India's DigiLocker application.
DigiLocker is a key initiative under Digital India, the Government of India's flagship program aimed at transforming India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. Targeted at the idea of paperless governance, DigiLocker is a platform for issuance and verification of documents & certificates in a digital way, thus eliminating the use of physical documents. The DigiLocker website can be accessed at digilocker app
You can now access your documents and certificates from your DigiLocker on your mobile devices.
DigiLocker Driving License Download is an easy online service provided by Indian Government. Indian citizens can store their official documents in the cloud through DigiLocker. A user needs to maintain the valid Aadhar number to use DigiLocker. Now Indian Government has issued Digital formats for Driving License and Vehicle Registration Certificate directly to your DigiLocker Account.
So many people forget their DL and vehicle RC at home. So they need to pay fine for not carrying their DL or RC along with them. By using this DigiLocker Account people need not carry their vehicle documents along with them.
This Digital format of DL and RC are on your phone and valid all over India. You can share and download the same documents anytime from your DigiLocker Account
As per Indian Government instructions, people can drive vehicles with the soft copies of Driving License and Vehicle RC. If you have the internet facility, then you can assess your Driving License and RC in your smartphone.
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