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A Complete Battery Saver and Battery Monitoring App with Solar Battery Simulator

A Complete Battery Saver and Battery Monitoring App with Solar Battery Simulator

A Complete Battery Saver Application with a fun feature of Solar Battery Charger Prank. The Solar Battery Charger Feature is only for fun. IT does not charge battery at all

New Feature Added:
Battery Saver Added to Optimize Battery And Increase Battery Life
Monitor Battery Usage , Super battery Saver
Custom Modes Available
Safe Clean Feature Boost Battery And Clear RAM

Solar Battery Charger Prank doesn't charge in actual but behave like charging battery by using solar power. This app is only for prank and entertainment. Solar charger prank just simulating and show that your battery level is increasing. It has awesome graphics, attractive interface/layout, looks and work like really charging.
Share this app with your friends and family and prank them.

New Feature Added:
Solar Charger is now Added with Battery Saver which extends battery life by stopping apps and increase charging speed.
Battery saver app also contains Power saver mode that shows the General mode, long standby, sleep mode, custom mode,
according to demand to select a different power saving mode.Batter Saver Feature Added which allow the App to Shows
Battery states for Battery Current, Temperature, Voltage and Battery life status. It also Monitor all apps that drain power
while not in use and remind the user about high consumption apps. Indicates how much power battery will be extended if you use.


1: Solar Electricity power
2: Attractive Graphics
3: Simulation
4: Increasing Charge level
5:Easy to use One Touch Battery Saver.
6:Battery Monitor clearly shows the status of battery life and usage.
7:Switching & managing Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, and background light, sound, synchronization in one touch, saves battery with efficiency.
8:Control Power consuming apps and kill or stop applications.
9:Battery Usage Setting will adjust the battery usage status automatically to monitor the battery life more accurately.
10:Special Battery charging mode.
11:Battery Schedule power saving modes for 3 Stage Charging systems

Note: Solar Battery Charger Feature is Only for FUN, also PRANK Your Friends, Only for Entertainment IT DOES NOT CHARGE BATTERY In Real.