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Muthashikadhakal 2, a collection of grandma's stories for kids in Malayalam.

Dear little friends, here is a great news for you!. After the successful launching of the first volume of the offline version of the ‘MUTHASSIKADHAKAL’,   VCODE is ahead with the launching of its second volume of stories. This time the ‘grand muthassi’ with her sweet voice is coming with stories of ‘Pulchadiyum Urubum’, ‘Samsarikkunna Guha’, ‘Amma Tharavu’, ‘Njandum Kokkum’, ‘Kakkaku Pattiya Amali’, ‘Muradicha Maram’, Athyagrahiyaya Kakka’, ‘Kakkayum Mayilukalum’, and ‘Amayum Muyalum’. We think that this will make all of you  halcyon. Thanks for the reception of previous versions and wait for more versions from the developers.

Muthashikadhakal, a collection of grandma's stories for kids in Malayalam.
Muthashikadhakal 1, a collection of grandma's stories for kids in Malayalam.

Now you can enjoy the pleasure of hearing the old grandma stories from anywhere without internet using this app. It is a great pleasure for us to launch the offline version of the most populated collection of stories "MUTHASSIKADHAKAL". The grand success of our online version stimulate us a lot to do this offline version.The alluring good sweet Voice used for recording will induce to stick your seats till the end. As you received the online version of "MUTHASSIKADHAKAL", We are sure that you will enjoy this offline version also. Stay tuned and wait for more versions. Thanks for your grand, ostentatious reception of "MUTHASSIKADHAKAL"...You can still enjoy the full online version of "MUTHASSIKADHAKAL" here at

Every children loves stories and if it is told by their loved ones they will be more happy to heed them. Suppose that if the story is in your mother tongue, it will be more interesting. Vcodeinfotech now have presented an innovative idea of telling stories in Malayalam to your younger ones through your mobiles. Like every grandma stories there are many stories in Malayalam language also. All these “MUTHASSIKKADAKAL”  include animals, Kings, Queens and various other characters from all walks of life. Balu: in leopard’s story; Ramu: in hat sellers story or the greedy King in the ‘Gold story’ all will surely entertain your children and their friends profusely. The apologues in this app are recited fabulously  by a cute voice that will definitely be very attractive to your kids. If you are an NRI it gives a double chance of story- telling and hearing your old grandma stories in your mother tongue. The thought provoking proverbs or pieces of advice at the end of each story will evoke a moral and social consciousness in their little minds. We have no doubt that this app will prove to be an excellent time pass for both the elders and their kids. We have selected these stories from various sources and we welcome your valuable suggestions and comments to make it more perfect in the coming updations.