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Indian General Elections, The past and the present

Indian General Elections, The past and the present

Lok sabha Election 2019 App contains complete details of Indian Parliament Election 2019.

Ensuring complete coverage of the Lok Sabha elections, Mathrubhumi has released a new application on Lok Sabha election 2019. The app on 'The Great Indian War 2019' is named Lok Sabha Election 2019. With this app, people can access Election news, Election videos, Election interviews, live election news, election Updates and cartoons with just a click.

Kerala 20-20, a special section in the app features detailed news and information on all the 20 constituencies in Kerala.

Apart from the information on the upcoming polls, the app also provides information on the Lok Sabha elections from 1951 to 2014. This statistics section in the app includes number of seats won by each party, number of votes won by each candidate and vote share.