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Voice Changer During Call & Prank Call App - enjoy making funny prank calls

#1 Voice Changer During Call & Prank Call App - enjoy making funny prank calls

Experience calling like never before with MagicCall - The #1 Voice Changer App

Change your voice in real time & have fun playing silly pranks on friends.


Features of Magic Call App - The best voice changer during call for April Fools Pranks:

1. Enjoy REAL-TIME voice changer on call. Use female voice changer, kid voice changer, cartoon voice changer, etc.
2. Switch between voices during the call
3. Earn FREE credits on first time registration
4. Test your voice before making the call
5. Listen to your funny recorded prank call under My Recordings or right after the spoof call ends
6. Record & share your fake call or prank call on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms
7. CHEAPEST way to make a prank call
8. Play sound emoticons like kiss, clap, etc. during the prank call

Take fun to the next level with the BACKGROUND VOICES on MagicCall. Use romantic ambiance, Halloween theme, James Bond theme when talking to friends on call & add a little drama to a regular boring call.

TALK IN DIFFERENT VOICES, Play April Fools Pranks & Fool Your Friends

Magic Call app has multiple voices, which make it the best voice changer app on call in the world like – fake call, funny voice changer, female voice changer, Funny jokes phone, robot voice changer, prank call, celebrity voice changer, male voice changer, girl voice changer, etc. Using this funny prank call app you can:

1. Change voice to female
2. Change voice to male
3. Change voice to kid
4. Talk like a cartoon
5. Change voice to robot 2.0 Rajinikanth


• Select a Voice. Example - Girl voice/ Female voice, male voice, Big Boss, baby voice/ kid voice, old man voice, Rajinikanth as robot 2.0  and many other voices
Select a Background. Example – Halloween, Kaun Banega Crorepati, KBC Amitabh Bachchan, romantic, funny, etc.
• Select a contact or dial a number
• Start your MagicCall
• Once the prank call is connected, the voice changer will convert your voice into a woman’s voice. And thereafter, you can have fun listening to your friend’s hilarious responses and reactions.

A unique feature introduced in Magic call app will now make you jump off the seats!

Now record your 30 seconds video story with voice-changer filters and share it with your friends or on any social media.

How do you video record using Magic call app?

1. Update your app version to enable this new feature
2. On the homepage, right top corner you will see an image of video recorder
3. On selecting the icon, you will see the camera of your phone switched on, in selfie mode
4. Below the camera screen you will find voices and avatars, choosing which you want to do your recording
5. Max upto 30 seconds you can record after which the recording will automatically stop
6. You can choose to save the recording locally on your device, or share with your friends
7. You can also publish it in the trending section, where you will find the published videos of other users as well

Enjoy making funny fake call with the MagicCall voice changer on call. Give yourself a chance to be silly again.