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Lutapi fun app 2019

Play and have fun with your favourite Balarama character Luttappi.

Luttappi is an imp. He stays with Kuttusan and Dakini, who are sorcerers.

Luttappi owns a spear. Flying on his spear, Luttappi finds fun in hurting others. Despite being an imp, Luttappi is a dump-head and a coward. So eventually he'll fall into all kinds of troubles.

The App

Luttappi quickly responds to your touch. Be careful what you tell him! Luttappi learns everything by-heart and repeat them like you said. You can make him dance. Touch his spear to make him break your device screen or even blow fire at you! So please beware of Luttappi while playing!

How to Play

When the white mike icon appears, Luttappi is listening to your conversation, so be cautious about what u say!

Touch the dance icon to see Luttappi dance.

Touch the Mayavi's stick icon to scare Luttappi.

Touch the fire icon, Luttappi will blow fire at you.

Touch the mike icon, speak to Luttappi and hear him speak what you've just told him.

Touch the puzzle icon to play a sliding puzzle.

Annoy Luttappi by touching his left hand and legs.

Tickle Luttappi by touching his belly.

Touch his spear and see what he'll do.

Did he break your screen? Slap his face.

Luttappi has millions of fans all over the world through children's magazines – Balarama, Kalikkudukka and Magicpot.