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How to find friends location - Best Location Tracker App

Now your family members are just on one tap away from you.

My Family Locator is a GPS based tracking and location sharing application, simplifies your busy schedule allowing you to stay in touch with your children and family members who matter the most in just a few clicks.

Key Features:

☆ Add your children and other family members to your list with whom you always wanted to stay in touch for free.

☆ Send an SMS or call your children or other family members using family locator. 

☆ Get real-time location of your added ones whenever and wherever you want on a map visible on our Family Locator.

☆ Reach your child or family member anytime by getting an estimated distance and accurate driving navigation through map visible on family locator.

☆ No record of your visited locations is kept, only your current location will be shared.

☆ As a parent, you have a choice to share your location with your children only if you want.

☆ You can send instant notification alerts to any member in your family.

☆ It can also be used as phone, car, truck, employees and friends tracker.

☆ Family locator operates on two roles PARENT and CHILD

☆ With you registered as a parent you are allowed to add your family members in your list.

☆ The one’s registered as your child cannot be added to another parent’s list neither they can be registered as a parent. Hence it guarantees full security of your child.

☆ With you as a parent you can also visit your child’s profile.

☆ My Family Locator is available in English, Arabic and German

☆ For any family there will be only one parent.

With Family Locator easy to use application family members can always keep in touch with their beloved children no matter where they are. This unique application is also quite handy for a family party, allowing you to see whether all members have checked in or not. Just, save your time and energy by downloading this easy to use locator and tracking application for free and stay connected with those valued in your life.