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Double role photo app Clone yourself with the super easy and fast split picture editor

Clone yourself with the super easy and fast split picture editor

It's never been easier to clone yourself or your friend.
- Take two photos
- Adjust split and blending
- Share the pic anywhere you want

Self-timer makes cloning easy and because of the blender, the shots don't need to be perfectly aligned. The square picture format is perfect for online sharing.

Make one people into 2 ~ 4 avatars with different posture in one photograph.

This is an interesting camera app. It could make one people split into many avatars with different posture in one photograph. And use from two to four split views to create a continuous action decomposition. The operation is simple to understand. With the assistance of transparent background compare adjustment, and the brightness / position fine-tune function, it is eazier to take the pictures. You can view and share ook picture you shot via Split Camera. The program contains self-timer function (02/05/10 seconds) and camera filter effects (aqua, blackboard, mono, negative, posterize, sepia, solarize, whiteboard, but some phone May not support all camera filter) function. You can redo ook to the previous shot. More About, you can save the outcome into memory card. And turn on / off flash constantly shoot. Try it! To take fun and wacky photos! (Please Note: You need to insert memory card to save pictures If you need to view all shot images, please use file explorer to view the images-which filename starting with Split Camera in root directory or memory card or press the open file icon in! Split Camera)
How to use it: Shoot 2 ~ 4 sub picture separately, Split Camera will merge thesis sub pictures into one. (One picture need to shoot 2 ~ 4 times, you need to shoot after the object you shoot is Placed). You can use more functions by press setting icon, and browse the pictures you shot by press file browse icon, and even share the picture directly.
Please note that the default picture resolution is low, you can set the picture resolution to high Split Camera setting menu!

Download the app now and share your creativity!