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Bomb App

Prank someone with this realistic bomb!

Exploding app which simulates powerful time bomb to burst & crack your screen.

Time Bomb Broken Screen Prank
Time Bomb Crack Screen Prank is a joke app. This app will turn your smart-phone into a time bomb simulator.

You need to choose one of the bombs, set the time before the explosion and run mechanism.

Our Time Bomb Blast Screen Crash is one of the exploding apps which simulates powerful time bomb to burst and crack your screen. The bomb will explode with strong explosion sounds. After the explosion, show the cracked screen to your friends.

Time Bomb Broken Screen Prank app is just for fun and all the results are fake and random.

Time Bomb Broken Screen Phone Prank app is a free android application just for fun and joke, this is a prank application to play with your friend and family.

This is best time bomb games prank to have time bomb crack, here you can time bomb crack screen prank where you can animation short film from time bomb broken screen prank when you can blow it up with box bomb games and become a bomber friend in a bomber game to play with a broken screen prank as a broken screen wallpaper so that you can show crack screen as a cracked screen prank and do a defuse bomb which helps in defuse the bomb for a dynamic explode on explosives impact for a gun joke using gun prank with a jokes pranks on a nuclear bomber where you can have a nuclear explosion with a nuclear missile to remove the bomb from a scared bomb so that your screen cracked is used as screen prank app which shattered screen in real time bomb games.

With real bomb sounds game, you can do time bomb prank on friends. When bomb timer sound effect with time bomb broken screen prank. Here you need to time bomb broke screen prank app download.

You Want fun with your friends with Time Bomb Exploding simulates powerful time bomb to burst and Your crack Phone screen, then get fun with your breaking phone screen as a Prank. You can remove broken screen by clicking off in app start screen.

How to use ?

1. Choose Digital Bomb to prank your friends. You can make fool your friend with realistic looks.
2. set time of Bomb Timer. You can also set the Digital Bombs.
3. When Bomb Timer go down and Explode in your phone screen at that time watch Your Friend expression.
4. Same Time worry about your friend for your mobile Broken Screen Prank. You can end the Crack screen Prank by clicking off in app start screen.

Time Bomb Broken Screen Prank is a prank app for fun, enjoy it with your best friends.

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The app contains real bomb fuse and explosion sound effects and cool graphics. Useful if someone doesn't want to wake up or want someones attention.

Try it out yourself!