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Worrying about cheating of Auto rickshaw driver? Rick Fare Amdavad is here!!!

Rick Fare Amdavad is well designed 'Amdavadi' android application that can allow you to find out the auto fare by using Meter point, Kilometer and Advance feature like GPS.
Keywords: Ahmedabad, Auto Rickshaw, RickFare, Amdavad

New in this release:(V1.1)
*New UI
*New cities will be added automatically once the data is available or shared by the users.

This app will calculate the Auto fare of the selected city based on the readings from GPS.
I have created this app for my personal use but then thought it could be useful to others also so sharing it with you people.
Please recheck the city details before using the app.
You can add your own city details if it's not present in the available city list (I don't have the data available for all the cities.)

This app will not consider the waiting time, luggage charges etc while calculating the fare.

This is still far from perfect but will keep updating this.
Please provide feedbacks for the improvements.

Note : The app will show only the estimated fare which might differ from the actual fare.