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On screen flash for android phone - floating window

Enjoy the freedom of doing the video call in Dark

Want to do Video calls while lights off ??? but you cant because you cant see your loved ones clearly.

It's a common problem to get irritated with low screen light while doing a video call with your Partner in Dark or under the blanket.

This application is developed so that you can continue your enjoyment of video calling even in Extream Dark or low light situation. Tell your partner to download this application so that both can enjoy.

Click on floating ball which expands
and again click on it to come to normal condition ...

Torch (led light)
Screen flash(for video call)
close button to close floating ball.

After opening a flash Minimize this application, then open your video call application and enjoy the freedom of calling in the dark.

Permissions required:

Draw Over Other Apps
Camera permission(for led torch)
Display Pop-up Window