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Hastha rekha shasthram in Malayalam

Kai rekha shasthram
Lakshana shasthram
Samudhrika shasthram
Maruku sthanam
and more

Get an insight to what lies ahead for you with AstroGuru- A unique forecast app that provides you with astrological predictions (jyotishi) through free daily horoscope and palmistry . We offer daily horoscope prophecies and also for the entire week. With over 4 million downloads, AstroGuru is the sole exclusive app that gives you the best of palmistry projections by actually scanning and reading your palm. There's no better app for Astrology than us.

Know more about your fortune(bhavishya) based on your birthday(rashifal) and through your palm lines(hastrekha). AstroGuru uses highly advanced image processing technology for the calculations in all generated charts. Our predictions are entrenched with the ancient Vedic and Hindu methods of renowned Indian maharishis and pandits, just as Nostradamus’ were.

Are the astrological stars aligned in your favour? Will your career soar to new heights? Should you stay alert with your health? Will you have a happy married life? Install the app to know the answers to all your questions on family, career, relationships, money, marriage and more.


★ Horoscope & Astrology: Never step out unprepared with our all-inclusive, comprehensive horoscope that shows predictions for all seven days of the week. The app covers all twelve sun signs (rashi): Aries (mesh), Taurus (vrishabha), Gemini (mithun), Cancer (kark), Leo (singh), Virgo (kanya), Libra (tula), Scorpio (vrishchika), Sagittarius (dhanu), Capricorn (makar), Aquarius (kumbh) and Pisces (meen).

★ Palmistry: Unravel your fate by knowing the interpretation of the three major lines of heart, head and life in chiromancy. The heart line explains about love, friendship and marriage while the head line focuses on career, success, wealth. The life line gives an understanding of health and energy. Just scan your palm and let the app read your lines to reveal what lies in store for you.

★ Hidden Qualities: Each astrological sign has their own traits and nature that makes it different from the others. Learn about the hidden qualities in you based on your stars (nakshatra) and understand more about your strengths and weaknesses.

★ Compatibility Match: Confused if you and your prospective partner will make a good match for marriage? Want to see how well-suited are you with your spouse? Do they react differently than you certain situations- often more than a few times? Find out the traits of your partner's sign and see how well do your signs get along with each other.

★ Daily Quotes: Engage the mind and soul with classic quotes featuring authors from the ages, with wit, wisdom, and words that inspire.

★ Kundli: The Kundli or Vedic Birth Chart is generated according to the positions of the constellations on the basis of the person’s birth day, time, year and place.

★ Languages: Available in over 20 languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Telugu, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Persian, Japanese, Turkish, Russian, Bengali, Norwegian, German, Korean, French and more.

The science of astrology can help you understand the kind of relation that is shared by the zodiac signs of the couple. Check the love compatibility between you and your partner based on your sun signs. Matching their horoscope can also offer suggestions to mitigate the unfortunate facets of the relationship.


•  Yearly Horoscope: The Annual Horoscope (vasrshphal) for 2018 will cover all important changes and events that will come across the zodiac signs this year. The detailed report will also have information about moon signs, planetary transitions and their effects, favourable time periods and caution against inauspicious times or events.

•  Personal Consultations: Get personalized and detailed consultations from esteemed Indian pandits for all the questions about your destiny, luck, love, career, married life and the sort of situations you will face and tackle.