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Apple iPhone XS Max explodes, catches fire inside a man’s pocket

Smart bursting into flames is not a new phenomenon, as we have seen news and reports about smartphones accidentally catching fire from almost every smartphone company, including Samsung, LG, Apple, Xiaomi, and Nokia. And now, a Twitter user named Rocky Mohamadali has shared his own incident, where the iPhone X has catastrophically exploded while updating the firmware to iOS 12.1

In a shocking turn of events, an iPhone XS Max user reported that his device exploded and went up in flames while inside the back pocket of his pants, causing some damage to the body. the news comes just a month after a 10 month Iphone X overheated during the process of updating the device to iOS 12.1 soon after which it exploded and caught fire. 

incident occurred in Federal Way, Washington, claims he was using the official bundled Apple Lightning cable and wall adapter to charge his iPhone. However, he says that he had stop charging the phone before the "explosion".

“When I held the phone it was very hot and I drop the phone immediately. Then it started to smoke.” he added.