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You can view the deleted message at any time and save the delete message record.

WhatsRemoved-WhatsDeleted-View delete message recovery allows viewing WhatsApp chats if sender deletes them after sending by saving them. Isn't it cool?
WhatsRemoved-WhatsDeleted-View delete message recovery application detects a change in a notification or deleting a message, it will notify you so you can know what happened, either by a deleted message , by a file deleted or by some application showing important information.

As with WhatsRemoved, WhatsRemoved does not send your information to external servers , they’re only on your own phone.

How it works:

1) Start the Deleted Message Recovery Service by clicking on switch.

2) Status will change to "Running Service" once activated.

3) Now Whats Removed app will secure every message when you are away from Whatsapp.

4) You will get a notification if someone deletes his/her message.

5) To check deleted chats just open the app and check them out.

Features :
- Read deleted messages
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- Backup chat
- Detect messages deleted from the account
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