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Simulate the low level battery screen.

Simulate the low level battery screen.

Fake Battery simulate the low level battery screen.

Useful to avoid to give your phone to someone else ;)

It's just a set of combined images, if you don't like it please avoid irritating comments and don't install the app!

Features and setting: press *MENU* button and visit developer web site.

Fake Low Battery is a small app that is trick to convince your kids that your phone has a low battery state

So many times your kids take your phone and return it to you only to find out the the battery is dead

Now you can trick them :)

After the App is started it will start to pop up the "Low battery" dialogs

You have the following 3 configurations:
1. The number of seconds to wait before showing the "Low battery" dialog for the first time
2. The number of seconds to wait between each "Nag"
3. The total amount of times the "Low Battery" dialog will appear
4. Whether the app will issue fake "low battery" warnings or it will issue fake "incoming calls"

1. Once you hit start the App will disappear (until the "Low Battery" dialog appears for the first time)
You can stop the service by re-opening the application

2. The free App has google ads, to remove them you can buy using In-App option

NOTE !!! You can stop the process by re-opening the app