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Receive your notifications seamlessly across all your Android devices.

The app that bridges your Android devices together!
Featured on XDA, Android Police & app of the week on Spiegel!
Bridge enables the possibility of receiving your notifications seamlessly across all your Android devices.
Tired of missing your texts, calls or WhatsApp notifications when browsing on your tablet, using your smartwatch or any other device running Android?
We've got you covered!
With Bridge will you not only be able to read them, but do all the same Quick Actions as the original notification, such as Reply, Like, Delete and much more.
And with Bridge’s smart two-way sync, dismissing a notification on one device - means dismissing it on all selected devices!
Simply install the Bridge app on all the devices you want to ‘Bridge’ together, and select the devices you want to mirror notifications to and from.
And with Smart Lock - logging in on your devices is a breeze.
Doesn’t get easier than that!
All your notifications can be end-to-end encrypted for additional security.
List of features
🗸 Mirror your notifications to other Android devices
🗸 Reply, Like, Delete etc. directly from another device
🗸 Two-way sync - all your devices interact with each other
🗸 Whitelist - control which apps that can mirror notifications
🗸 Encryption - all data between devices can be encrypted
🗸 Private mode - Hide notification content on mirrored notification
🗸 Battery charged notification - get notified when one of your devices is charged