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Get constructive cash from your colleagues and friends in Stulish

Discover anonymous users nearby you on Stulish
See who is near you and communicate them anonymously, and why not meet them later, and be honest as usual.
Are you ready to face frankness?
Get constructive cash from your colleagues and friends in Stulish.
At work
Boost your strengths
Address your weaknesses
with your friends
Enhance your friendships by knowing your advantages and disadvantages
Enable your friends to open your doors
Stulish is available as an application to download now and enjoy.
Do not forget to evaluate the application and thank you.

You can send and receive messages anonymously in group you joined or added in very easy way.
• You can join the particular group by group invitation link or admin can add to you in his
  group by searching your username if your profile is not private.
• Admin of particular group can add or remove any member of the group.
• You can not visit other users profile and vise-versa.
• You can make your profile as private.
• You can change group icon & group name/ subject anonymously.
• You can delete and exit group anonymously.

Open up and speak your mind anonymously with your friends and community to discover more fun and use SnypeChat Messenger for creative way.

"With great power comes great responsibility" - Uncle Ben